Ninja Moves / Parkour

Ninja Moves has been specifically designed to help children channel their energy.

A Progressive Curriculum

As children’s abilities grow, each child will advance through the different Ninja Moves levels. The Ninja Moves curriculum has been developed by a team of Jujitsu, Parkour and Free Running teachers. The children work on skills that include rolls, jumps, leaps, balance, and stealth using specialist apparatus. Sessions are so engaging, children won’t even realise that they’re picking up essential life skills such as respecting each other, taking responsibility for their actions and the importance of a work ethic. We know from experience that as skills improve, confidence grows.

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Our Ninja Moves Curriculum

Working with our specially designed curriculum, Ninja Movers will work on basic skills of balance, speed, endurance and strength. They then move to combinations of rolls, jumps and kicks. These fun and structured classes offer the Ninja Movers clear aims and boundaries as they work towards learning new skills whilst building their confidence within a fun, safe and supported class environment.

Mini Ninja
Year 1-2

Mini Ninjas is the perfect introduction for children in Years 1-2. It is an exciting mixture of disciplines including gymnastics, martial arts, street dance, and parkour. This class is to lay the foundation for basic techniques, focusing on building coordination, an understanding of movement, and fundamental strength.

Junior Ninja
Year 3-6

For children in Years 3-6 who have a solid foundation in Ninja Moves, this class is an ideal step up. Our Ninja Moves programme for Years 3-6 blends gymnastics, martial arts, street dance, and parkour into a dynamic and engaging course. The goal is to advance to more sophisticated techniques and achieve new milestones within our Ninja Moves award scheme.

Shadow Ninja
Year 2-7

Ninja Movers at this level will be working on more advanced skills. The range of skills required takes a big leap as Ninja’s start working towards their jumps, flips and turns. Fun, safety and progressive development remains the aim. Children start working more independently (in a supported setting) as focus on their skills.

Unlock Your Child’s Potential with Parkour

Parkour classes at Nile Wilson Gymnastics Academy offer an exciting way for children in Years 1 to 8 to engage in physical and mental activities through diverse skills like jumping, swinging, and rolling. These classes promote regular exercise and movement, which are crucial for a child’s healthy development.

Why Choose Parkour?

Parkour is more than just a sport; it’s a holistic approach to physical literacy and personal growth. Here’s why you should enrol your child in our Parkour classes:

Critical Thinking Development
Parkour challenges children to navigate their environment efficiently. By facing and overcoming obstacles, kids develop critical thinking skills that help them break down tasks and solve problems in all areas of life.

Risk Management and Minimisation
Parkour teaches children to assess and manage risks. Through training, they learn to evaluate their strength, understand technical movements, and ensure mental readiness before tackling challenges, promoting a safe and thoughtful approach to physical activity.

Discovery of New Ways
Our classes encourage children to develop “Parkour vision,” which helps them see and utilise their environment in new ways. This perspective fosters creativity and exploration, empowering children to think outside the box in everyday scenarios.

Confidence Building
Parkour instils self-belief and confidence as children master new skills and overcome physical challenges. This confidence carries over into other aspects of their lives, helping them approach problems with a positive and determined mindset.

Motor Skill Development
Through task-oriented practices, our instructors guide children in developing essential motor skills like balancing, vaulting, rolling, jumping, and climbing. These skills enhance their physical literacy and overall coordination.

Fitness and Strength
Parkour is a full-body workout that strengthens muscles and improves fitness. It requires quick thinking, builds core strength, and develops skill-related fitness, ensuring children remain active and healthy.

Problem-Solving Skills
Parkour trains children to adapt to their environment and solve problems creatively. By constantly evaluating their capabilities and developing flexible skill sets, they become more innovative and resilient.

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