NWG Academy Gymnastics

Our General Gymnastics classes are designed to introduce children develop a range of fantastic physical and social skills in a fun and safe environment. Our classes are open to children from 3 ½ years to 18 years old. 

We adopt a drop off and pick up system, but if you have booked a taster class– one adult may accompany their child.

As a sport, gymnastics requires balance, strength, flexibility, coordination and stamina. Our fully qualified teachers work with all abilities to bring out the best in each child and encourage them to enjoy being active.

Classes typically involve exercises on the beam, floor, airtrack and vault. Starting with fundamental shapes, children will progress onto rolls, cartwheels and handstands. Ultimately leading to leaps, flips, turns and somersaults.

At NWG Academy our aim is for all children, whatever their age or ability, to enjoy our imaginative, fun, and engaging classes and develop their skills.

Our Gymnastics Class Locations

We also provide after school classes for pupils at:

If you would like gymnastics classes at your child’s school, contact us.

Our Gymnastics Squad

We run Mini Squad, Intermediate and Advanced classes for children who are identified by their teachers and invited to attend.

Mini Squad

Mini Squad is an invitation only programme designed for advanced children aged 6-8 years old. NWG Academy aims to nurture young talents by offering a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on skill development, teamwork, and critical thinking.


Our Intermediate and Advanced classes are designed to further advance the skills of Mini Squad gymnasts. This next level offers a more advanced programme, focusing on technique, strength, conditioning, and performance. Access to Intermediate and Advanced is by invitation only ensuring that each participant is challenged and can excel in a more competitive environment.


Our Advanced gymnasts demonstrate a high level of ability and skill. This programme delves deep into advanced techniques, intricate routines, and specialised conditioning exercises. Aimed at honing the talents of our most accomplished participants, the Advanced class provides a challenging yet supportive environment where gymnasts can push their boundaries and strive for excellence.