NWG Academy Class Objectives

Preschool/Reception/Year 1/Year 2

NWG Academy publishes Termly Class Objectives for children under the age of 7 who might not be able to inform their parents of what they are working on at any given time.

Each session starts with a 10-minute fun and easy warm up to avoid injury and ends with a short cool down stretching session to relax muscles.

Vault skills

Running drills/vault preps – side stations: sitting in pike – running arms; high knees robot walking; box jump onto small block with a step down jump; skipping with rope

Squat on, forward roll (Preschool/Reception-aged children)

Squat on, forward roll or dive roll(Year 1/2)

Floor skills:

Variety of handstands, such as, bunny hops; 1 legged bunny hops; spider handstands; tick tock handstands; etc.

Benchwork – bunny hops/forward rolls (Preschool/Reception)

Forward rolls/free forward rolls/tick tock handstands (Year 1/2)


Variety of cartwheel preparations and technique work, such as, side to side bunny hops; spider handstand with legs in straddle; rocking in star shape; cartwheel mat/using spots

Different jumps – children are encouraged to use their imagination (Preschool/Reception)

Shape jumps/cartwheels (Year 1/2)

Every session will include circuits that will give the gymnasts a chance to practice the above several times, thus improving their skills until they have perfected them.  This takes time, often weeks, if not months.

The last session of each term is a fun session full of different games and challenges based on what they learned that term.