Message From Chair of The North West Mens Artisitc Technical Comittee

2015 has been an amazing year for Men’s artistic gymnastics in the North West. I would like to give massive congratulations to Daniel Purvis and coach Jeff Brooks for an absolutely incredible set of achievements;- making history as part of the Silver medal winning team at the 2015 World championships and 7th place in the individual all around.

It was an absolute privilege and honour to be an official at the event and witness the most successful results ever by Great Britain. Further congratulations to Dan and Jeff for the fantastic Bronze All Around medal at the European Championships – AND FINALLY!!!- congratulations to Jeff, Dan and Frank Baines for their 1st and 2nd places in the All-around British Championships.

As a region we are also producing some promising junior gymnasts that are producing great national results and I would like to congratulate our Performance Development Officer Paul Hockwart Junior and all coaches involved for the massively improved results at the 2015 national grades where almost every gymnast received a medal. We have now run the whole set of our new competition structure introduced by Paul to help develop our gymnasts which have been very well received and a further massive praise to competition secretary Dawn McCaffrey for how efficiently she ran all these events.

The success of our GB gymnasts and increased media coverage of gymnastics definitely seems to continue to inspire people to become involved in gymnastics as I am glad to say that numbers in all our events have risen again with more gymnasts entering competition as well as clubs progressing up the ladder of the competition and development structure.

We continue to struggle to have enough judges at our competitions but this has significantly improved over the last year and we hope to continue to build on this. Hazel Fern retired from the position of judging convenor and Hazel Brooks very kindly stepped into the role and I would like to congratulate her for doing a fantastic job. Also a big thank you to Hazel and Colin Leigh for continuing to run regular judging courses.

The regional competition venue here at Wigan continues to be a success and we are hoping to improve this further to give competitors, coaches, judges and spectators an even better experience.

I would like to again take this opportunity to sincerely thank all the committee for their great contribution over the year and look toward a more fruitful and developmental year in 2016.

Finally I hope you all join me in wishing Daniel Purvis, Frank Baines and coach Jeff Brooks the absolute very best on their journey to Rio 2016 and after the incredible success at the 2015 World Championships this looks to be an incredibly exciting event for Great Britain.

Kind regards,
Byron Clithero